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Five Star Doctors

About This Project

When a healthcare professional provides excellent medical care, a patient rarely goes online to provide a five star rating. It is human nature to focus on the negative and not the positive things in life.  The result?  A Five Star Doctor™ is never fully recognized. That is, until now! Unlike other review sites, Five Star Doctors does not use the AMA physician databases, which are often inaccurate. Becoming a Five Star Doctor member, you can be confident that the only doctors on the website are those who have chosen to be here. We encourage our healthcare providers to ask their patients to provide positive online  feedback. We feel the great work physicians provide is frequently underreported on physician review websites.  Some physician review sites actually remove patient reviews if their computer “algorithms” suspect they are solicited. Frequently, these reviews are favorable towards the healthcare provider. We understand that dissatisfied patients simply want a platform to voice their frustrations. Sharing frustration online benefits no one in the long term. Frequently, dissatisfaction is due to miscommunication between the provider and the patient.  Five Star Doctors will allow patients who are unhappy to send private messages (anonymous or not) to the provider in an attempt to resolve the issue at hand, limiting the negative reviews posted online. The goal of both doctor and patient is ultimately high quality medical care.   At Five Star Doctors, healthcare professionals have more control over what people say.   The goal for healthcare teams is to be made aware of the weaknesses, so that they can be corrected. The end result is improved patient care, improved patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and practice growth.



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